Adaptive: Utilizing CAD-CAM Since 2002

CAD-CAM systems include a measurement device, or digitizer, to input the residual limb topography; design software on which to create the unique socket shape that will address the patient’s physical capabilities, residual limb anomalies and functional desires as closely as possible; and a carving machine to render the finished socket from the finished digital design.

Adaptive has been using the VORUM CAD-CAM System for prosthetics since 2002. The biggest advantage of using CADCAM has been the consistency of fit. Total surface bearing in prosthetics is the key to comfortable loading of the residual limb. CAD-CAM allows us to precisely load the residual limb by percentage reductions without changing the anatomy.

Adaptive has recently purchased a new scanner from Vorum that will allow the practitioners to use CAD-CAM for many orthotic applications such as scoliosis bracing, custom TLSOs, custom knee orthoses, Arizona AFOs, Cascade DAFOs, foot orthoses and more.   

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